Failed Russian Assault on Marinka

Failed assault, death, and injuries of Russian mercenaries: video shows response fire of Ukrainian soldiers. VIDEO


The Attack of Combined Russian-Separatist Forces on Marinka

The videos posted on YouTube by pro-Russian separatists and their own comments serve as the evidence of their attack on the positions of the Ukrainian forces in Marinka and as a proof of the violation of the Minsk agreements by the separatists.

In the video of the pro-Russian militants’ channel News Front (, starting at 6 min. 43 sec., a separatist fighter describes how they conducted a reconnaissance-in-force operation, entered Marinka, advanced through the town, reached the hospital, and swept the territory of the orphanage.

Also, there are videos showing the tanks of combined Russian-separatist forces with tactical markings on them (for example: that are shelling Marinka in violation of the ceasefire agreements. At the same time, separatists cynically claim that the Ukrainian forces are shooting at themselves.


Rumor that the attack was an “improvisation” by DNR leader Zakharchenko after he displeased his Kremlin masters.

We, the IR group, have initially treated the version – that the disastrous offensive on Mar’inka, on 06.03.2015, had been undertaken without instructions from Moscow – with a great dose of skepticism. However, there is growing evidence that an “improvisation” by the “DNR” leadership did in fact take place.

In particular, it has been registered that a General with the Russian Armed Forces, call sign “Berkut” (with the last name of Sokolovskiy or Sokolov) has arrived in Donetsk on 06.02.2015 to take over the command of an “advisory” group of the GRU of the General Staff in Donetsk and to initiate the arrest of the “DNR” leadership for embezzlement of “aid” from Russia.

After a meeting with the Russian general, the head of the “DNR” Aleksandr Zakharchenko ordered an offensive in the vicinity of Mar’inka – obviously in an attempt to “rehabilitate” himself and to avoid responsibility before the Kremlin masters.