One thought on “Fake news doubling down on the Trump-Putin lie

  1. Beauregard

    5 new brain disorders that were born out of the digital age
    By Tammy Kennon

    “Cognitive neuroscientists say all that time we now spend in front of screens has changed the way we read and comprehend. Internet browsing has shortened both our attention spans and our patience. And it’s doing a number on our memories.

    The world now has fear “ of No-Mobile Phobia” or “nomophobia” — the feeling of panic one has upon being separated from one’s phone or tablet.”

    Technoference is our digital which might be making us feel a bit panicky.

    “Fauxcellarm, phantom ringing, and ringxiety are new to our lexicon, thanks to the universal presence of our buzzing, pinging smartphones.”

    “Cyberchondria refers to people who research and diagnose their own illnesses online.”

    Truman Show Delusion, the false perception that their lives are being broadcast. Truman Show Delusion is a product of our overly connected, media–driven lifestyles.


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