Some of my favorite posts:

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AMAZING! Ukraine’s emerging restaurant culture through the eyes of the inspired entrepreneurs making it happen!
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Centuries of invasion and genocide from Russia
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Nationalists & Alternative Right against Putin
New regime’s positive steps
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Russia Lies – Collection of Articles about Russian Trolls
Why does Russia lie so much?
175-year-old Account of Russians being PROUD of lying #Lies
Ukraine = Rus. Russia = Golden Horde.
Russia not only failed to become a state, it failed to become a nation.
Russians Need a Story
Russia Never Really Discovered Truth
I too wanted Russia to be a conservative alternative to the West
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Comparing British, German, Russian and Ukrainian humor
On Non-Intervention (again)
On Non-Intervention
Great article on Russia’s long battle with Ukrainian history
* Email to a Putin Libertarian
Muskovy lies about #History and the invented “Russian” people
How Moscow Hijacked the History of Kyivan Rus
Collection of Stories about Soviet/Russian moles in Western media & politics
Dear Daniel McAdams, Who is ethnic cleansing? #collection of stories
MH17 Stories / Links
Decentralize Ukraine
* The Conflicting Nat’l Myths of Ukraine – Russia & the strange union w/ Putin – Europe’s Right
Collection of Surveys About Sentiment in E. Ukraine
Proof of Russians in Ukraine. Bearded Russian: I came to fight in E. Ukraine so I wouldn’t have to fight Americans at home #collection of links
Russian Nazis in Ukraine (collection of links)
Stepan Bandera (as Ukrainians have been arguing in vain for 70 years)
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Ukraine Update with SGT Report (Feb 21)
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1939 Eastern Galicia Ethnographic Map
My Account and Analysis of Ukraine’s Civil Unrest
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How to get started with Bitcoin
Ukraine’s chances for prosperity
The Devourer of Dreams — a requiem for Ukrainian aspirations
Lectures at Donetsk University of Economics and Law
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Legalizing Land-Ownership
Economic Outlook
Ukraine’s Hyperinflation — evidence
L’viv’s Historically Approved Vacant Lots
Words from my diaspora childhood which didn’t work as expected
* The Ghostly Bandurist on Desyatynna Street
Parkhomivka Art Museum
Customer Service in Ukraine
BJJ in Rivne
Food from my relatives
Secret Potatoes
First Persistent Snowfall in L’viv
First Few Days
“the toilet paper is softer in America”
* The Bus from Przemysl
* Без володарів — Порада українським протестувальникам #bez