Guardian’s Shameful BS headline: “Tensions rising in Ukraine as far-right militia’s boobytraps injure two police”

Adrian Bonenberger:

This Guardian headline states that Right Sector was responsible for the blasts that injured two police officers in ‪#‎Lviv‬ yesterday. Absolutely zero evidence exists for this claim, and in the article, the author’s case appears to rely on a single unsubstantiated rumor – speculation which is not identified as such. Incidentally, there are two far more popular rumors floating around on the streets of Lviv and in the pubs and coffee-houses, neither of which appear in the piece below: (1) someone is trying to frame Right Sector, and (2) Russia is trying to destabilize Ukraine. This is the news that the West is reading to make decisions about Ukraine, to evaluate the situation here. We are getting betrayed by lazy reporters, incompetent headline writers, and editors who don’t care enough one way or another to get the facts straight before running to print. Shameful.

The headline: