(honest) Russian journalist writes about recent tank attack vs Ukr blockpost

In the past, this journalist lamented Russia’s stupidity for ending the “brotherhood” with Ukraine. There was also a story about him being assaulted in Moscow and speculating that he was targeted for his coverage of Ukraine. He has experience in Chechnya.

His points:

– A Ukrainian block post was attacked by a tank on June 26-27.
– The story is being ignored by Ukrainian media and Kyiv’s government.
– Ukrainian authorities say 4 Ukrainian soldiers were killed. Russian authorities claim 20-30.
– Everything about the block post, from its location to the disposition of troops was unprofessional.
– The tank was destroyed.

His post: https://www.facebook.com/babchenkoa/posts/508513705915534

Auto translation:

Kiev silence about the checkpoint is destroyed, so to speak – some bewilderment. Main news Ukrainian Yandex today – “three-meter wave washed beach near Odessa.” And only in the section “The situation in the East” in third place goes sheepishly news that “forces destroyed ATU tank separatists.” Says nothing about the fact that this tank just before he destroyed the checkpoint.

A feeling that Ukraine somehow do not care for this checkpoint. Well, killed and destroyed. Well, what can you do. It happens. On it and the war.

My friends. Completely destroyed the checkpoint – it p-q.
Checkpoint, which stood in one place for two months, and then was completely destroyed – this p-n squared.
Blockhouse, destroyed enemy tank attack – this p-n triple.

This suggests that the Ukrainian army to fight and has not learned that she does not understand how and what to do with their roadblocks that she does not understand what roadblocks are, what their strengths and weaknesses, what are their objectives and that at least tactics setup roadblocks should be reconsidered.
This is an occasion to the journalistic community in Ukraine exploded and ask one question – how come?
Roadblock on the fish farm – very shitty checkpoint. Perhaps the most worthless. With the location of the worst of all. I was there a couple of times. Very unfortunate place. On the one hand – the water, on the other – the slope of the hill, between the road. In these fifty meters roadside checkpoint and stood. As in the pipe.

Yes, and in the lowland. Because on the hill had already begun some barns where permanently fired.
And further down the road, the village is peaceful, Sloviansk area controlled by the adversary. Until less than a kilometer high-rise buildings. Actually, the roadblock was almost in town.

Because of space technology there was all focused on one patch, on the roadside, and could not use the fact that its benefits – range and caliber – but in general could only fire in one direction along the road. At the same time at a distance of a direct shot from a grenade launcher from the green stuff.
When the enemy was outnumbered, armed only with small arms and mortars, hollows may give more advantages than disadvantages – closes from direct fire, road protstrelivaetsya appliances.

But if the enemy decided davanut truly, there is nowhere to go.

And all knew it. And at the checkpoint is especially understood.

But for some reason nothing can be done.

In the end, all that happened.

The fact that the Ukrainian army checkpoints posing completely stupid and it will necessarily lead to losses, I wrote two months ago. Even in its very first reporting.
You can not just here to scatter on zhopny places so ill-equipped and poorly covered point away from each other. Yes, and these smaller ones. The mind, there should generally be two to cover each other checkpoint – on one side and on the other. Surely there must be absolutely gorgeous water barrier – why it cornered roadblock from the rear, and not blocked opponent approaches from the front? Why not at least trenches dug?

One of the most important techniques in the war – it excavator.

Well, of course, first at the Ukrainian army did not have the energy and time, and she threw that scraped together.
First, from this checkpoint was still some sense – to check the car’s trunk to catch a lone enemy with grenade launcher. But now? When the enemy tanks have already appeared?

How can you miss the bus was a tank?

His night heard for ten miles.

In general, the main task of the checkpoint in the changed situation – control space – there has not been performed and could not be performed initially.

Space there is absolutely impossible to control. And two months in any imzeneny takike use roadblocks correspondingly changed environment and Ukraine did not.

In terms of design and planning of operations Army DNR in this guerrilla war looks certainly more convincing. Operation to destroy the roadblock developed and implemented perfectly – with all the disadvantages of the enemy. Which he closed his eyes.

Two months if you really have the Ukrainian army there were no people to strengthen its weakest checkpoint and generals are able to understand that there is something wrong, then at least the concrete could be found? With this Khrenovoe location and such a small garrison there reinforced fortress had to stand.

Instead, there stood one man – one pyatdesyat. In tents.

Beter burned on the asphalt – it even had nowhere to dig caponier.

Breastworks built of tires, barricades – from logs.

The result is known.

According Tymchuk killed four, according Girkin – twenty or thirty. And completely demolished post.
And until now will be messing with the fish farm, the enemy will carry some other unit, where he sits in a half platoon tents, and to which there is also no one pays attention.

Tactics use roadblocks Chechnya studied snake to such an extent that any longer. Tons of books have been written about it.

But Ukraine stubbornly wants to walk along the same old rake.

Apparent video of the aftermath with destroyed Ukrainian armored vehicle: