How local autonomy, gun ownership & competing currencies can save Ukraine [Ukrainian]


Interview at Press Club in Lviv on 16 February 2014.

I was the third of about ten people interviewed. See the complete video here:


This was an internet television program. I suspect their viewership is small, but their audience consists of many journalists. I think they understand the ideas perfectly and are very receptive to them. I’ve been invited back to this venue, and invited to speak in a different city. I get complimented and handed business cards where ever I speak. Such ideas are still outliers though. I’m surprised at how it seems no one ever thought of them before. I’m competing against 1) a zombie like, naive imitation of European political structures and 2) what is probably a very aggressive globalist agenda to use Ukraine as a foil against Russia and make sure real freedom (guns, Bitcoin) doesn’t emerge here.