Jesuit Magazine Makes ‘Catholic Case for Communism’ (July 2019)

It is beyond idiotic for any religion to adopt Marxism, which begin with the apriori assertions of Dialectical materialism, which posits that all thought, philosophy, and action results from people economic class. There is no room left for God, and indeed, Communists killed Christians by the hundreds of thousands.

The Jesuit flagship publication in the United States, America magazine, has published an article defending Marxism and comparing the murderous, atheist ideology to Christianity.

In “The Catholic Case for Communism,” America writer Dean Dettloff says that the militant atheism of Marxist politics is “understandable” because “Christianity has so often been a force allied to the ruling powers that exploit the poor.”

As a number of prospective presidential candidates from the Democrat party are openly donning the mantle of socialism, America took the issue one step further, suggesting that the negative reaction to “Bernie Sanders’s inspiring 2016 primary bid and the electoral success of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib” represents a “revival of socialist hysteria.”