Kolomoisky outraged at a Jew being killed in Mariupol

So, apparently, a phone call was intercepted betweenn Ihor Kolomoisky and Oleg Tsarev (pro-Russian PM from Regions Party who leads Donbass secession project now).

The video has been removed from Youtube as “deceptive”.



Kolom – Do you know that one jew was killed in Mariupol? From Dnipropetrovsk community

Tsarev – So, what have happened?

Kolom – Jew was murdered! From Dnipropetrovsk. I’m in sinagogue now.

Tsarev – And what I can do? Kolom – It doesn’t matter. For your head people give big money. 1 mln $. They will search for you everyewhere.

Tsarev – Ihor, I want to tell you one thing… There is a poison in Africa…

Kolom – Listen, I don’t fucking care what is in Africa! Stop telling me these manses (jewish slang). I’m telling you that in sinangogue before Shabat thare was a ceremony and people prayed fr soul of Shlemkevich – a jew who was killed in Mariupol. And they had said – it’s Tsarev responsible for this. And we’ll search for all who are close to you. We’ll be hanging them on squares of cities. So, please tell them to run f*cking far from here. And tell Markov do not arrive in Ukraine. In any case.

Tsarev – Ihor, don’t call…

Kolom – What?

Tsarev – Stop calling me…

Kolom – Well, bye