Land Lady

This month, we are moving away from our crazy and oppressive land lady. We found out from a neighbor whom we said goodbye to that she got the property in a deeply immoral way. She was hired to help an aging couple that lived there. She either forged documents or somehow manipulating or tricking them into signing the property over to her.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior isn’t unusual in post-communism. I would like “post-communism” to be thought of and discussed as its own distinct social order.

2 thoughts on “Land Lady

    1. Beauregard

      Does she know you are leaving and why?
      You know she will be suing you for damages,
      unpaid promised rent, littering hall, stealing
      light bulbs,

      Get ready for action…

      Maybe get her to sign over building to you?
      Get two or more of those 7 foot tall guys to
      stand on each side of her?

      Or get some guys to dress as old KGB guys
      and have them tell her she has to return to

      Think ahead….

      Tell her they are looking for her

      Oumuamua could be a giant solar sail’
      sent from another civilization to
      look for signs of life


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