Lectures @ Donetsk University of Economics & Law

I gave lectures to economics, finance and law students at Donetsk University of Economics and Law.

Lecturing at Donetsk University of Economics & Law

Lecture to Finance Students — The Nature of Money & Economic Disinformation:


For the second half of this lecture, I improvised with slides from two different Power Point presentations:
Economic Disinformation
US – Ukraine Liberty Comparison


Lecture to Law Students — Property, Government & Democracy.

My favorite lecture was the most radical one which I gave to law students. For them, I thought it would be most appropriate to discuss the libertarian theory of property ownership, the idea of government being a monopoly on justice and violence, and to introduce Hoppe’s arguments against Democracy.

I had good questions from the students and a vigorous discussion ensued. Pity I didn’t catch it on tape.

Here is my Power Point presentation. There was no projector, so I used the slides as notes, and wrote some things on the blackboard, including the chart (a modification of the chart in this essay by Professor Huerta de Sotto).

Donetsk University of Economics & Law