Libertarian transhumanism

I wasn’t aware of “transhumanism” under that name until just now.

I consider it well within somebody’s right to pursue. I doubt anyone here would disagree, but beyond that, it’s mostly the realm of fantasy and science fiction.

My comment from a very geeky online discussion about “Libertarian transhumanism“.

The gap between the ultimate vision of “post humanism” and the contemporary examples generally offered as progress down that road remains enormous. It will remain enormous.

FYI: I’m far from a Ludite. I’m a sci-fi fan, a former computer programmer. I even took a lot of artificial intelligence classes at Stanford.

I believe the “singularity” which transhumanists await in much the same way that early Christians awaited the messiah will never come, and the gap between inanimate and teleological may narrow, but it will remain.

My strongest evidence for skepticism is the simple Turing test. From a distance, it seems like an extraordinarily simple task. A computer just needs to repeatedly arrange series of about 100 characters in such a way that one can’t discern whether a human or machine is doing the arranging. Yet for all our technological glory, no machine is even close to accomplishing this simple task.