Meet the Ukrainian Michelangelo

“Pinzel was a mysterious baroque sculpture of XVIII century, often compared to the great Gian Lorenzo Bernini and even to Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti. Although some meticulous art connoisseurs tend to treat the latter as an exaggeration, there’s nevertheless no doubt that Pinzel had a unique technique and original view on baroque plastic arts, especially visible in his wooden artworks.

Unfortunately the information on Pinzel’s life and art is very scarce and extremely limited. And you will not be able to find much of it in the museum.

Researchers divide between attributing Pinzel Bavarian, Bohemian, Silesian, Italian or Ukrainian origins. Some even believe he could have escaped from Europe to run away from his past and start a new life in Western Ukraine incognito. And he successfully did. Under the patronage and financial support of Kanev headman Mykola Pototskiy, Pinzel and his long-term partner, architect Bernard Meretyn, have created and decorated lots of sacral houses in Western Ukraine.

There are very few of the Pinsel’s masterpieces that were found and identified so far, and many of them are collected in Lviv Sacral Baroque Sculpture Museum.” Read more: