Midicine in Ukraine: You pay the doctor, get care. Simple.

Here’s a story posted with permission from a friend of mine. Remember, the conversion rate is 1 dollar to 8 hryvnas. So 100 Hryvna is about $12:

So my roommate goes to a clinic that is right around here, its
actually a clinic for the employees of the Ukrainian river transport.
The employees get treated for free. Public clinics are also free but
very shitty, they are also based on your address. The doctor that
would be considered my doctor at the neighborhood clinic is a horrible
bitch on wheels. And when I say free, I mean technically free but you
should give then like 20-50 hryvna or a chocolate bar if you don’t wan
them spitting in your blood samples.

So I didn’t think I could go to the clinic for the river transport
employees, because its technically private, but its not, as long as
you give the doc like 150 hryvna that he just pockets. you don’t make
an appointment through the main office cuz they will ask for your
registration card # which you don’t have. But you call the doctor
directly and see him. He even gave me a discount of 30 hryvnas because

my roommate refereed me. So 120 is a pretty good price for a
consultation, its usually 200-380. + and here is the kicker, I was
sent for an ultrasound of the abdomen and that thing where they shove
a tube with a camera through the esophagus into the stomach. Can you

Imagine how much that would cost in the states? and even here, here
ultrasound is like 300-500 hryvna.

So he gives me the # of his doctor friend at the private hospital for
river transport employees, I call her, go over there, she personally
takes me over to the ultrasound department, vouches for me as if I’m
her patient, then takes me over to the other department and does the
same thing. She tells me to give each lab 100 hryvna and that’s that,
the lab technicians just pocket the money. in all, that’s like 50$ for
something that in the states with no insurance would be like 1000$,
and even with insurance, there is still usually a copay of 10-30$ no
matter where you go.

Also unlike in the states, they tell you the results as soon as they
do the procedure, none of that “we will send it to your doctor in 2
weeks and you should make an appointment with him to talk about this
test in a month”. And the results of the blood work get sent to your
email in less then 24 hours.

I thought you would like that.