“On Our Way Home From the Revolution: Reflections on Ukraine, Sonya Bilocerkowycz” – all signs point to a horrible book

* So, first she sees people risking their lives on Maidan, and then she suggests that poor Ukrainians are too low on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to care about big issues. Is that not a contradiction?

* I suspect she is like most academics – a coward with above-average intelligence. Her reaction to Maidan, after finally deciding to go look at it was this: “Suddenly, I understood that I didn’t have anything to lose in that situation. My life was not at stake.”

Of course. Because it’s all about her. Most people on Maidan did not have to risk their lives. They chose to.

* Ukrainians should abandon Bandera and adopt some non-controversial hero, like an artist or a musician. . . . because, I suppose, that the important thing during a war is to be non-controversial. To me, this seems like the typical disdain that cowards exhibit toward courage.

* She includes the lie about Trump-Russia in her book, even though it was never true, and Clinton’s ties to Russia were much deeper and meaning – $500k speaking fee, the Uranium One deal, Clinton’s campaign manager owning shares of a Russian energy company.

Initial impression aside, I would like to give the book a fair shake and perhaps review it on my channel.