One of Curt’s Rants about Russia

Trust is not sentimental value. It is a measure of the complexity of economic and social relations that can be constructed given the transaction costs that impede them. 50% of the Russian economy is dependent upon oil, and NOT dependent upon Russian norms (“character”). If the economy were dependent upon Russian “character” then the standard of living would return to pre-war levels, and Russians would live as do the Muslims and Mongols whose norms they inherited..

And this is why I’m criticizing your moral equivalency: because you are trying equate things that are not equal. Russia is just another Mongolian, Tatar or Muslim nation with the trappings of Christendom, the trappings of an economy, and the trappings of culture.

Russians are a negative influence on the world and are responsible for more death, suffering, and impoverishment than any government other than Mao’s. Eastern Europe must be free of Mongols, muscovites, Turks, Tatars, and other steppe tribes who would bring their low trust, low economic velocity, to the people of the west. Eastern Europe is European. Muscovites are Mongols and Tatars. Think like and act like Muslims, Mongols and Tatars: steppe and desert people.

Ukraine needs to restore its heritage as a European, not Mongolian/Tatar/muscovite slave pit for despotic rule.

The world is a better place without Russians in it. “Go home.”