Pre-Modernism, Modernism, Post-Modernism

In the west, there was a succession.

The mysticism, superstition and original sin of Pre-Modernism gave way to the rationality, individuality and justice of Modernism, which is now struggling with the beast of its own creation — the nihilism and irrationality of Post-Modernism. Post-Modernism simultaneously denies truth and knowledge yet makes positive statements about the world, usually rehashing economic Marxism as cultural Marxism.

In Ukraine, they all exist simultaneously.

There is still very much mysticism and superstition. Ukraine only caught glimpses of the Enlightenment. Of course, the spread of commerce has brought with it an appreciation of rationality and even justice. Now, in an effort to be more western, intellectuals idiotically imitate the self-destructive opinions and policies of post-modernists.

Here, it’s all scrunched together, five hundred years of philosophical ideas all rubbing elbows.