2 thoughts on “Protest of Kyiv Patriarchate against encroachment of Moscow Patriarchate

  1. Beauregard

    At one time there was Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.
    Then some bishops sold out or were bribed to merge with Ukrainian
    Orthodox Church…

    Maybe it is time for some to restore the Autocephalous heritage…

    1. RomanInUkraine Post author

      It’s still here, but it’s only 1.8% of Ukrainians.

      Religion in Ukraine (Razumkov 2016 survey)

      Eastern Orthodox (65.4%)

      25% Orthodoxy of the Kievan Patriarchate
      21.2% just Orthodox
      15% Orthodoxy of the Moscovian Patriarchate
      1.8% Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church
      2% other types of Orthodoxy

      Just Christian (7.1%)
      Greek Catholic (6.5%)
      Protestant (1.9%)
      Islam (1.1%)
      Roman Catholic (1.0%)
      Jew (0.2%)
      Hindu (0.2%)
      Not affiliated with these religions (16.3%)
      Other religion (0.2%)


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