Protests against the imminent criminalization of flea markets

From Kharkiv to Lviv, apparently. (source)


If I understand correctly, at around 3:50 the lady says that it’s much harder for government to tax flea markets.

At 5:40, the lady talks about the superiority of Ukrainian socks over Chinese socks. :) These are exactly the little things I’m interested in. She, by contrast, says the government is doing this because of they prefer Chinese products and want to keep the Ukrainian people down.

I think this next video shows part of the same series of protests. These specifically against the closing of second hand stores:



In completely, 100% unrelated news, Ukraine’s population continues to crash. In 1989, it was 52 million. In 2008, it dipped below 46 million due to emigration, a high death rate and low birth rate.

In an effort to counter this trend, the government, based on what I’ve heard, is banning certain types of alcohol advertising, running a tobacco-will-kill-you campaign, and excessively taxing adult men who remain unmarried.

I expect the success of these measures will exceed expectation, and, much like growing juicy vegetables in the garden, Ukraine’s government will very quickly raise a population of large, content, healthy, tasty, non-flea market shopping tax payers.