Putin and the Church Video


Ha! The years 1939-1941 do not exist as far as Russia is concerned. :)

Interesting factoid: There are more Russian Orthodox churches of the Moscow patriarchy in Ukraine — where people are more religious and where they compete with the Kyiv patriarchy and the Ukrainian-Greek-Catholic church — than in Russia.

The church is completely state controls and acts as another organ of government. Its bishops and patriarch are probably the richest religious men in the world, as evidenced by their $30,000 disappearing watches: http://static1.businessinsider.com/…/kirill-watch.jpg.

They’re not cultural marxists, but they are cultural totalitarians.

If Putin wants to save Russia he needs to give up central control and allow local autonomy, especially for all those Muslim mountain people. He can give them Chechnya and Dagestan or else they’ll keep populating Moscow. His choice.