Rabbit hunting with my father-in-law

Didn’t get anything, but it was still fantastic. We surprised one rabbit who didn’t wait to let us get close. He sprung up maybe 30 from me while we were walking on both sides of an underbrush filled ditch. It was toward the end of our hunt and I didn’t quite have time to get a good shot.

Lovely experience. Perfect weather — just above freezing. The snow stopped shortly after we began, so it was easy to distinguish between new and old tracks. Saw tracks for fox, rabbits, mice, birds, and one deer.

Felt great the rest of the days. There’s something spiritual about hunting.

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    1. RomanInUkraine Post author

      Not true. Citizens can own guns, and from a lot of anecdotal data, it seems that gun ownership is way up.

  1. Beauregard


    A Public Service. By Thomas Sowell

    Excerpt by Robert Hall:
    Nobody has suggested any such thing. Data collected
    over many years — but almost never seeing the light of
    day in the New York Times or the rest of the mainstream
    media — show many thousands of examples of people
    defending themselves with a gun each year, without
    having to pull the trigger.

    If someone comes at you with a knife and you pull
    out a gun, chances are they will stop. The only time I
    ever pointed a gun at a human being, it was when
    someone was sneaking up toward me from behind a
    shed in the middle of the night. I never fired a shot. I
    just pointed the gun at him and told him to stop. He

    Actually having to shoot someone is the exception,
    not the rule. Yet the New York Times conjures up a
    vision of something like the gunfight at the OK Corral.

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