Rant on the left’s good vs evil dichotomy (off topic)

Again, and again, we see the wisdom of Thomas Sowell’s observation that the right sees in the world in terms of trade offs, while the left sees the world in terms of right and wrong.

For the left, it’s a never ending parade of savage injustices which must be vanquished from the face of the Earth, and no cost is too high.

Just months ago, the big enemy of the people was money in politics (lion-hunting dentists aside). Now a political outsider is winning and vastly under-spending candidates who’ve received HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars (Hillary – $188 Million, Jeb – $158 Million, Ted Cruz – $104 Million, also Bernie – $96 Million), and what happens?

In the blink of an eye, one enemy to end all enemies is gone, and another one arrives. Trump ($27 Million) won’t denounce the long list of people they demand he denounce.

In their eyes civilization is always teetering on the brink. Imminent destruction is the steady rock in the lefts otherwise rapidly changing narrative. What happened to the lack of medical care? The anti-war movement with code pink? Peak oil? Over population — weren’t famines imminent by 2000? Originally, communism was great because it produced MORE material wealth? Since then, material wealth itself has had it’s stage time as the great evil to end all evils.

Again and again and again. It’s the nurturing instinct run amok. Every whim and fad masquerades a universal principal and dividing line between good and evil. Every inconvenience is a fault in the structure of civilization, and the only remedy is burning the civilized world.

Again and again. If there’s an anthem to the imbecile, catastrophic march of the left, it’s this quote post-modernist philosopher Richard Rorty betraying the hollowness of the left: “I think that a good Left is a party that always thinks about the future and doesn’t care much about our past sins.”

And yes, there’s a reason all the post-modernists were radical leftist. Once the pitiful disasters of “scientific socialism” became too monstrous to ignore, the left needed a weapon with which to attack epistemology.

And they got it. The university replaced the church. Departments are the new temples and tenured professors are the new priesthood. Like the church, they attempt to bend reality by chanting desirable lies. Like the church, they loathe heretics, and denounce them when physical violence is out of reach. The university is the new moderator of morality.

I say as others do: burn the Cathedral — for the sake of modern civilization.