Remembering the battle of Ilovaisk we commemorate those brave people, volunteers, who fell during the operation three years ago. In this article we are going to recall a man of outstanding fate, a millionarie, whose spirit forced him to leave a comfortable and prosperous life to take up arms when stormy times have come.

Markiyan “Marko” Paslawsky was born on January 16, 1959 in the USA, in Manhattan, New York, in the Ukrainian-American family, which had fully preserved mamory about own roots far beyond the ocean for decades after emigration. Marco graduated from US West Point Academy, was promoted to a major and became a commander of a he 75th Regiment of the Rangers – one of the elite units of the US Army. In 1991, having finished army service, he had decided to took up business. Markiyan moved to Ukraine – to the homeland of his ancestors – where he runed a metal bussines and became a millionare.

. . . .

Markian Paslawsky awarded with the Order of Danylo Halytsky posthumously, as well as with such public awards as the Plast Iron Cross and the People’s Heroe of Ukraine. On December 6, 2014, the memory of Markian Paslawsky was honored at the NHL match between New Jersey Devils and Washington Capitals.

One of the streets in Popasna town weas named after him, as well as a gymnasium in Pidgaity village of Ternopil region – where his parents were born. In Lviv there is a rehabilitation clinic named after Paslavsky. Marco Paslavsky was burried with honors in Askolds grave in Kyiv.