Report: DNR terrorists economize by killing mercenaries

The Donetsk terrorist gangs are using artillery to execute Russian mercenaries who are owed back pay for several months of “service,” reports, citing the Russian TV journalist Timur Olevsky.

Terrorists at the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” (DNR) are executing Russian mercenaries to avoid paying them back wages, the well-know Russian journalist Timur Olevsky, a correspondent for the independent Dozhd TV channel, reported on his Facebook page, February 26.

“In Pisky I saw a strange scene. For four hours the DNR artillery pounded a building near the airport where another DNR unit was located. I even did a news report on it. I could not understand what was happening. And the Ukrainian officers could not understand it. They only said that it happened quite often. First they fired on their own and then they opened fire on them,” Olevsky wrote.