RT @CanadianKobzar: This is the ongoing megathread containing all of my history pieces – the Kobzar Chronicles.


I present you the first of my history threads on the Kobzar. One of the most iconic figures in both Ukrainian history, literature and art.

Outlaw Oleksa Dovbush the Ukrainian Robin Hood. Robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. Born in the Carpathian mountains in the 1700s, Oleska was feared by landlord nobility and adored his countrymen.

The Tryzub – deep dive into the origins of our national symbol

Tchaikovsky – reclaiming our great composer

The Rise of Rus – discussion of the origins of Kyivan Rus.

Spooky Ukraine – myths, monsters and ghosts

The Ukrainian Dancers – a painting acknowledged.

The first Bogeyman – a tribute to my favourite hetman Ivan Mazepa.

Details matter – An analysis of the old Azov Battalion Logo.

Our Brother/Sister Nation – Dedicated to our Polish brothers and sisters.

The Forgotten Holocaust – Holodomor and the Soviet Starvation of Ukrainians.

Canada Oblast – Overview of Ukrainian Canadians

A Kozak Tradition – the lost traditions of a Kozak family.

and much more…