Russian POW says 70% of his unit criminals released from prison


“Army FSC” – shtrafbat for Russian criminals

On Sunday, January 25, near the settlement Sanzharivka Ukrainian military have captured tank driver, a citizen of Russia Federation, the inhabitants of Krasnodar region (Republic of Adygea).

As the gunman, he, with three convictions, was detained by the Interior Ministry in. Rostov-on-Don in place of another crime (theft of a car). Instead his release another prison term of Chief Police. Rostov-on-Don suggested thieves a month to go east to defend Ukraine “Russkiy Mir”. Then this citizen were removed from all charges and closed criminal case.

December 22, 2014 mercenary crossed the state border of Ukraine and the hit was held captive “service” the driver of the T-64 in one of the units “FSC army” in the Luhansk region.

According to GM, 23-25 January, he took part in the fighting against the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the vicinity. Debal’tsevo and the assault on one of the strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was captured by the Ukrainian military.

Captive also said that as part of his unit is about 70% of Russian citizens in this way, killing Ukrainian abolish a prison term.

Understand the purpose of the Kremlin is simple – in one fell swoop to address three issues: clear the country of criminals, save themselves the need to feed and hold prisoners, and join the ranks of “Donbass residents” who “defend their land,” engaged in killings of citizens of Ukraine and destruction of infrastructure in the region.