Russian Schoolchildren Invited to Spend Holidays in North Korean Camps

You can’t make this up.

A high-ranking North Korean diplomat in far eastern Russia has proposed that local schoolchildren spend their holidays in North Korean youth camps in a bid to further strengthen relations between the countries, according to a statement released Tuesday.

Im Cheon Il, North Korea’s general consul in the Russian city of Nakhodka, made the proposal at a meeting with the Russian republic of Yakutia’s head of foreign affairs, Vladimir Vasilyev, the republic’s government said on its website.

The officials also discussed promoting tourism in general and trade, particularly in agriculture, the statement said.

“Russia and Korea have traditionally had friendly relations, but now the political relationship between our countries is developing more productively than ever before,” Im was quoted as saying in the statement.

Russia’s relations with North Korea’s reclusive government have flourished over the past year as Russia pivots eastward for diplomatic and economic support amid floundering ties with the West due to the Ukraine crisis.