Russia’s strategy of creating massacres to blame on Ukraine (#collection)

Putin himself speaks about using Women & Children as Human Shields

Putin: “And let’s see those troops try to shoot their own people, with us behind them — not in the front, but behind. Let them just try to shoot at women and children! I would like to see those who would give that order in Ukraine.”

From Pavel Gubarev’s own website: “Don’t pass up any opportunity to engage in some atrocity that can be blamed on the junta’s fighters.”

Instructions for Russian Special Forces in Eastern Ukraine intercepted: use women as a voluntary shield

Russians firing from residential building

Russian and Terrorists Fire from Residential Areas during Ceasefire (video)

Russian Television Shows Russian Grad Launch from Residential Area

DNR terrorists dug trenches in Makiivka residential quarters, locals chased them out and filled in the trenches.

Russian Donetsk-Airport-Propaganda Videos Show Widespread use of Residential Buildings, Areas

Russian Snipers Expelled Residents from Their Homes in Shakhtarks and Shot at Ukrainian Soldiers from There:

Russians firing AGAIN from same residential area Shirokiy. Several videos:

#‎breaking‬ AUDIO INTERCEPT proves: ‪#‎LNR‬ separs shell own civilians. “We f–ng destroyed 4 houses!”

Grad launch from residential area in Donetsk January 13, 2015

Grad launch beside apartment building in Donetsk January 12, 2015

Grad launch from residential area of Donetsk 18 June.

Date unkown. Russian militant heavy machine gun position inside an apartment.


Abuse of Press credentials:

Russian actor firing at Ukrainians at Donetsk Airport while wearing press credentials

Russia advertises this bombing of a playground without showing the Russian Armor and infantry located there:

Mortar fire near Horlivka — from right between who homes. Jan 18, 2015.


Using Ambulances for Troop Movements:


Lastly, Russia’s stories about Ukrainians killing civilians need to be taken in the context of their shameless and outrageous lies. They’ve published footage from their own massacres in Chechnya and Georgia and claimed it was Ukraine. They’ve published footage from Bosnia, Syria and from movies. They’ve lied about baby crucifixions and staged massacres many times.
details here:


Russian tanks storage in residential area of #Donetsk near kindergarten & school (April or May 2015)



June 2015 – Self-propelled artillery firing from residential area:


June, 2015. Protesters in occupied Donetsk say “Stop shooting from our residential areas”.

Evidence of shooting from residential areas:

Published Dec 1, 2014
Grad Launch from beside apartment buildings

November 2014
Attack on airport from residential area

October 2014
Russian news shows them attacking from residential building where people live

Published Dec 2014.
@4:40 — Shooting at Airport from apartment building rooftops, and from apartments themselves