SBU Finds two blocks of TNT, Weapons in Kyiv

The devil is in the details, I suppose.

“Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU ) found in the center of Kiev and its suburbs a large amount of weapons and explosives , the press center of the SBU.

” Near the Independence Square in Kiev revealed two TNT blocks weighing 400 grams, which were hidden in a vent pipe near one of the entrances of apartment house on the street Hrinchenko ,” – said in a statement .

In addition, on March 24 Belodubravskogo forest territory in Kiev, 1.5 km away from the street. Radio operators , investigators found a cache from which the explosion involving technical laboratory Interior Ministry seized 13 TNT blocks weighing 2.6 kg, three pistols , sawed-off hunting shotgun , 120 rounds of ammunition for Kalashnikov assault rifle , 103 cartridges for a Makarov pistol , CT and Colt .”