Summary of last few days

at least for now, the Kremlin’s imperial dream of repeating history seemed to be turning to dust thanks to a rash of infighting among field commanders in the war-troubled eastern regions of Ukraine. By the end of the first week of this year, 14 commanders and their fighters in the Luhansk region had been murdered, including a notoriously corrupt field commander, Alexander Bednov—known as Batman. The leaders of thousands of Cossack forces, which control an area containing more than 1 million people in the Luhansk region, blamed Moscow-appointed Novorossia politicians for abusing their power, ordering the murders of their militia allies, and stealing Russian money and humanitarian aid sent to the region.

@StateOfUkraine · 6h 6 hours ago

Today’s intense fighting in Ukraine follows a set pattern: 1. Russia sends “aid” convoys w/ weapons 2. Russian forces go on the offensive


@Conflict_Report · 17h 17 hours ago

#BREAKINGNEWS 84 – eighty-four – Russian attacks on Ukrainian forces and positions were recorded on January 12 – a new *ever* record?!!


@steven_pifer · Jan 11

Merkel says no #Ukraine-#Russia-German-French summit on Jan 15 unless progress on implementing Minsk ceasefire. Will Russia change course?