“The European Union Must Stand Up to Polish Nationalism”

They hate heritage, culture, identity, and will do anything to destroy it.

Since coming to power in Poland in 2015, the nationalist Law and Justice party has enacted one outrageous measure after another, placing the nation’s courts under political control, trying to do the same with the news media, purging the civil service and, most recently, criminalizing any suggestion of Polish complicity in the Holocaust. Behind these moves runs a concerted and dangerous rewriting of history to create a narrative of heroic Polish victimhood — under the Nazis and Communists, of course, but also as a maligned defender of traditional values against a degenerate and controlling European Union.

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In fact, what the Polish government is doing is eroding democracy, and Europe must do what it can to defend its founding principles of “democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights.” The union has already taken the unprecedented step of warning Warsaw that it could lose its voting rights in the organization if it carries on.

It may not be easy for the European Union to follow through on that threat, since Hungary, for one, has vowed to veto any such sanction. But it cannot back down. If Hungary does cast a veto, the bloc could divert some of the aid that flows to Poland, and diplomats from other members could minimize contacts with Warsaw. Mr. Kaczynski will no doubt scream “diktat,” but it will come with a price.


One thought on ““The European Union Must Stand Up to Polish Nationalism”

  1. Walt

    “They hate the identity” I think you got the wrong “They” here.

    ‘No one in West thought Poles responsible for Holocaust or camps. Now people starting to ask: what do Poles want to hide? This is suicide for Poland. Why have more enemies than u need?’ Israel & Ukraine should be allies; conflict helps Putin” https://twitter.com/notesfrompoland/status/968399709198012416

    Short video of right wing TV journalist trying to convince Polish nationalists that he is right wing. not left. ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0q49HE7l5FQ Poles sentiment toward others https://twitter.com/notesfrompoland/status/973285348578127873

    Looks like some Poles are getting ready for something. https://twitter.com/_Saeen_/status/929558798364274688

    A bit of 1930/s again I ‘d say.


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