The former Azovs claim that Biletsky beat them because of Sternenko

Original article (in Ukrainian):

It seems that there’s some conflict between Azov veterans and their once-leader. Hard to understand the full story from the translation.

Here’s a translation:

Former Azov volunteers Nazariy Kravchenko and Serhiy Filimonov were beaten by their brothers, including Azov founder and National Corps leader Andriy Biletsky.

Source: posts by Nazariy Kravchenko and lawyer Masi Nayem on Facebook

Details: On the evening of May 7, Kravchenko and Filimonov were invited to talk to Biletsky, but were beaten instead of talking.

According to Kravchenko, this happened due to the support of Odessa activist Serhiy Sternenko, against whom murder proceedings have been opened in defense of the attack.

Kravchenko pointed to four people in the photos.

Ukrainian Pravda has not yet been able to obtain Biletsky’s comment on this issue.

Kravchenko’s direct speech: “Last night Serhiy Filimonov and I were invited for a conversation with Andriy Biletsky. .

Thank you to all my colleagues for their time and inspiration in trying to convince me, but I want to say that I will continue to support Serhiy. They do not abandon their own. “