3 thoughts on “The Media and the Russia Story

  1. Beauregard

    It has been pointed out to me that the Manafort indictment is bad
    news for Ukraine.

    Everytime the media mentions Manafort it also says that
    he was working for Ukraine.

    It comes out that he was working for Party of Regions and its oligarchs
    and not reporting such relaitonship to USA.

    For background:

    Manafort Indictment – Hum…


    Judge concluded there was substantial evidence
    attorney was duped into relaying falsehoods to
    Justice Department.

    “The implications of this decision are significant.
    First, a judge has decided that the clients were
    committing a crime or fraud and using a lawyer
    to do it. So that tells us something about the
    strength of the OSC’s evidence. The OSC had the
    burden of proof and it met it,” Gillers said. “Further,
    once you can pierce the privilege, there’s no telling
    what information you can go on to discover. This
    decision will be useful in other contests to discover
    lawyer-client communications, even communications
    with different law firms, if any.”

    Mueller May Have Been Illegally Appointed to Job, Legal Expert Says


    Law professor says Trump should be focusing
    on the constitutionality of the special counsel’s

    Douglas W. Kmiec, a law professor at Pepperdine
    University School of Law raised three main points
    to justify this:

    1) Mueller has no oversight
    2) President’s presumption of guilt
    3) There appears to be little “specific and credible”
    4) information to open an investigation in the
    5) first place

  2. elmer

    It occurs to me that the ones who should be worried about the “crime” exception to attorney-client privilege are Klinton and “her” cohorts.

    Recall that during the email/server investigations, suddenly there were miraculous attorney appointments which acted as a stonewalling technique for the Klinton Krime Family.

  3. elmer

    Oh – I forgot to say – the email/server “investigations” – such as they were, since Comey wrote his letter exonerating Billary before any investigation was conducted or completed.

    As far as Ukraine is concerned – Ukraine ought to be concerned.

    Ukraine lets murderous country-killing corruption flourish, and does nothing to prosecute it or get rid of it.


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