Ukraine as a non-historical nation

Finally, something from Uke Tube which isn’t Marxist nonsense.

A bit of idealism and faith in government. “Ukraine is trying to establish the most fair and representative system of government.” Can you point to someone in Ukraininan politics and clearly say “This person is pursuing fairness.” And of course: “Ukraine is diverse, Ukraine is diverse, Ukraine is diverse.”

Though he studied only briefly in Canada, his discussion seems permeated by a naive, uniquely Canadian perspective that government is good and getting better and SHOULD be heavily involved in all societal affairs. In other words, high-trust, western society is the norm, and all deviations elsewhere in the world are temporary anomalies.

Nevertheless, it seems like this young scholar is doing useful work attempting to map the origins of political legitimacy in modern Ukraine. Seems to make accurate an interesting observations about several things:

* Ukraine’s tendency towards factionalism.

* Ukraine’s distant and inexperienced elites.

* Russia’s culture of hyper centralization and it’s tension with Ukrainians greater tendency toward regionalism and individualism.

He concludes, unambitiously, that these factors cause inevitable turbulence in Ukraine’s political scene.

Lysiak Rudnytsky’s prescience: Ukraine’s political turbulence and trauma of a “non-historical” nation is available from Forum for Ukrainian Studies.