Ukraine Business News – Morning update

🔵A Dubai-originated fund, Marquis Holdings, is studying investing over $1 billion in Ukraine through the end of 2020, Amer Kharb, the fund’s Ukraine country representative, tells UBN. Kharb, who plans to open an office in Kyiv this fall, targets investments in infrastructure, construction, logistics, agriculture, defense and energy.

🔵U.S. national-security adviser John Bolton comes to Kyiv this week in a bid to torpedo China’s purchase of Ukraine’s Motor Sich, a leading manufacturer of helicopter and airplane engines, reports The Wall Street Journal. Bolton seeks to meet with Vyacheslav Boguslayev, the veteran CEO of the Zaporizhia-based company. After Motor Sich lost the Russian market, China started negotiating to buy the ailing company, once the highest valued the company on Ukraine’s stock exchange.

🔵“The acquisition of Motor Sich would boost China’s military buildup and civilian aviation capacity, which Washington has taken pains to retard in a near-total Western embargo on selling military goods to China,” writes the Journal of a deal now before Ukraine’s Anti-Monopoly Commission. A US company reportedly is in talks with the US Overseas Private Investment Corporation, to get financing and insurance for a joint venture.

🔵Even before President Trump’s trade war with China, Ukraine and the US had traded places as corn suppliers to China, reports Successful Farming, an Iowa-based news site. Six years after shipping its first load of corn to China, Ukraine now is the largest supplier. This year, Ukraine is to ship 4 million tons of corn to China, supplying 80% of its import needs.

🔵Once a niche producer, Ukraine is now the world’s sixth largest producer of soybeans.

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