Ukrainian History Selection

I’m making this page as a quick reference, since I’ve found myself assembling these links on more than one occasion. You can find other historic material by clicking the history category.

There are two good recent books about Ukrainian history: Borderland, and Bloodlands. The latter focuses on WWII and makes and argument that historians have been excommunicated from making for sixty years — communism in Eastern Europe killed millions of people, and people had damn good reason to rally against it. Russia’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine changed the discourse of Soviet History, it seems the Stalinists and fellow travelers have relented — Eastern European opponents of Communism and those telling their story are no longer accused of being unrepentant Nazis..


The Conflicting Nat’l Myths of Ukraine – Russia & the strange union w/ Putin – Europe’s Right –

Vanquished Aristocracy –

Russia’s long battle with Ukrainian History –

Mongolian-establish-Muskovy adopted Christianity in 1613 to legitimize their rule, quell the masses –

Muskovy lies about #History and the invented “Russian” people –

Mongolian establish Muskovy adopted Christianity in 1613 to legitimize their rule, quell the masses –

Ukraine = Rus. Russia = Golden Horde. –

Muskovy WAS THE MONGOL YOKE. They still are. –

Russia’s Mongolian / Tartar Roots –

Modern History

A Look at Russian Civilization –

Ethnographic Map of Europe 1918 — where is Russia? –

1939 Eastern Galicia Ethnographic –

Crimea –

Centuries of Russia co-opting Ukrainian elites to enslave Ukraine –

[Video]A Tour of Lviv’s Lychakivski Cemetery & a Funeral –


The Galician SS Division –

The statement of a British sailor about Kozaks being “repatriated” by the UK and US forces during Operation Keelhaul –

Holodomor and Purges

How Stalin crushed the Euromaidan of 1930 –

Collection of information about Holodomor –

Holodomor and separatism in the Donbas (and immigration from Russia — third world immigration?) –

When a mass grave was revealed in Kolpashevo, Siberia in 1979 — A story about Soviet man. A story about Russia. –

Ukrainian Jewish Relations

Why Jews and Ukrainians Have Become Unlikely Allies –

The Atlantic on Jews in the NKVD –

Apparently, the Ukrainian Galician Army, which fought on two fronts against both Poland and the Bolshevik hordes, 1919-1921, had a Jewish Battalion of 1200 men.

Efforts to reconcile Jewish and Ukrainian People by Olga Kaczmar, 2005 –

Holocaust and Holodomor ‘Origins of Anti Semitism’ –

Three Jews Among Protesters Killed on Maidan –