Ukrainian Soldiers Show Resolve at Belbek


(That Russian soldier is so well trained, he’s able to hold is AK gangster style — sideways.)

The Ukrainian military forces are demonstrating extraordinary impregnability. And these are not idle words. Today, according to Saimon Shuster, reporter of Time, an unarmed column of half of the unit troops, under two flags – red (battle flag of the unit?) and the national Ukrainian flag, tried to break through to the plane runways, occupied a day before by the Russian troops. While they approached the Russian block-post, the Russians started to fire into the air. Though, the Ukrainians proceeded. After the negotiations of the unit commander colonel Igor Mamchur with the Russian officer, some Ukrainian soldiers managed to occupy the planned positions. All of the time they were under the sights of the Russian guns. Western journalists have already named events in Belbek the most impressive confrontation, seen in Crimea so far.

From the Russian point of few —
1. Bad training if the soldier is holding his gun gangster style 2. Soldiers need less than lethal means for crowd control and occupation in general. Rolls of concertina wire would have helped them. I faced this situation many times during my military career.

ps — please don’t relay my advice to the Ruskies.