ussian army deployed R-330Zh jammer in the battle of Debaltseve

The international volunteer community InformNapalm carefully studied the data retrieved by the Trinity hacker group from the hacked cloud storage of a Russian serviceman’s phone. A part of the obtained information is being currently used for operational purposes. We have photos in our possession that are reasonably identifiable as screen shots from a workstation of the Russian R-330Zh “Zhitel” automated jamming station (AJS). The time, location, and content of the photos, as well as additional analysis of the satellite imagery performed by InformNapalm volunteers, allow us to establish that this jammer was deployed in the battle of Debaltseve in the winter of 2015.

It is worth reminding, that in a recent publication R-330ZH ‘ZHITEL’ in Donbas According to Social Profiles and Drone Flyovers we have already presented evidence about this Russain AJS: a video revealing the jammer on its march towards the Ukrainian border in the summer of 2014, station elements in pictures in the profile of a Vostok gang militant in the area of Makiivka in the summer of 2015, as well as recent drone images confirming the positioning of the station in the same area as of March-April 2016.

There was only one element missing in the body of evidence: we needed to get inside the Zhitel station. Hackers of the Trinity group gave us this opportunity. The cloud storage connected to the mobile phone of a Russian serviceman contained two interesting photos. During their analysis, we found that these photos were taken on January 24, 2015 at 19:49 and 19:51 Kyiv time using a Lenovo A516 smartphone. They are showing working screens of the R-330Zh Zhitel AJS terminal. First photo: