What is Communism? (New Idea)

I’ve been entertaining this idea: 

Communism is not an economic system.  The communists themselves — from the very early Bolsheviks to today’s post-modernists — claim the language is devoid of meaning, and only an instrument of power.  Let’s believe them.  By the late 1950s it became impossible to ignore the fact communism was hideous for the very working class in whose name revolution was made, and societies were verthrown.  Millions of working class people were starved, executed, enslaved and impoverished.  Judging by how easily Communists were completely unbothered by this, and abandoned their Raison D’être, as if it had never existed, should be sufficient evidence that communism was never an economic system.  So what are we left with?  Communism should be defined as a particular type of power.  And that is the beginning of a very interesting conversation.

Communism is not an economic system. It is better understood as a particular type of power.