Why Crimeans Didn’t Resist

I live in Crimea and would like to briefly tell you how I became acquainted with the green men and how we were captured by them. I would like to tell you this story because mainland Ukraine keeps asking us why we did not resist.

This happened a few days before the “referendum.” I worked for, you could call it, a strategic enterprise. It was a regular working day, same routine as always. I was sitting in my office after lunch and suddenly I heard some sort of clicks. It wasn’t clear what they were. I came out of the office and saw people lying on the floor in the hallway, and a shadow passing into the reception area. I was frightened and locked the office door. A minute later I heard: “Open up, bitch, or I’ll shoot!” So I quietly approached the door and opened it. In front of me I saw a Kalashnikov and a green man.

In a second, the screaming man flew into the room (and I must say this was a professional operation, I didn’t even have time to react), grabbed me by the collar and threw me against the wall. I received the “honor” of being hit by the butt of a Kalashinkov for a reason unknown to me. I am a mere 50 kilograms in weight; he was three times larger. He was without a mask and in full uniform, even with grenades. He told me: “To the exit!” and pushed my back with the machine gun.