“Fighting for Freedom” in the Middle East — the military mentality and unintended consequences

This lecture was given at the 2011 Property and Freedom Society Conference.

My powerpoint presentation here.

Essays based on this lecture:
The Military Mentality
Bureaucratic Management and Unintended Consequences

Very flattering review of the conference and my lecture here. I agree with Jame’s sentiment. The PFS conference is a rare visit to the outside of the asylum.

Roman Skaskiw at 2011 Property and Freedom Society Conference

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  1. Ed K

    I am forwarding your talk around. Good presentation.

    Ed K
    “By the way, I think the media should stop calling the states “Red” or “Blue” as a substitute for Republican and Democrat. Why not call states dominated by Democrats “Pro (Government) Slavery” states, and those dominated by Republicans “Anti (Government) Slavery” states. It worked in 1860, why not now…and it’s a lot more honest.” by Jim Yardley


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