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Daynlo’s first reading

Our son nearly floored his mother and me with astonished pride by pointing to the logo on our refrigerator and pronouncing the letter A. Then, as if to show it wasn’t a fluke, he did the same with the letter D.

I helped him with the rest — R, then O. Then the whole word: “A R D O”.

He spent the next few minutes saying “Ardo.”

It could be a television commercial.

My son had a rough day

My 10 months old son had a difficult day last Sunday. First he fell (nothing serious), then he bit down too hard on one of his toys, then he bonked himself in the head with the spoon which we have him as consolation. ( He sometimes prefers dinnerware to toys.)

On Monday, he woke up with a very serious demeanor. I imagined him to be contemplating the years ahead together with his discovery of how cruel unforgiving the world can be. To the surprise of my wife and I, his air of seriousness did not abate. He took no solace in toys or baby sounds.

Only in the evening, did bath-time finally break the spell, and he again started smiling and laughing.

Danylo’s Proto-speach

(cuteness warning)

My son bumped his head today. I’m not sure how aware he was that hard surfaces exist in the world.

Anyway, once he was in his mother’s arms, he babbled through his tears with such earnestness and intensity, he could have been describing all the injustices in the world. We’d never heard him go on like that. It was by far the most expressive proto-speach we’d heard from him yet.