Cost of patching a flat tire

I changed a flat tire yesterday, and today went to get it patched. Cost to have the tire fixed? 65 uah ($2.60).

I had a free coffee while waiting.

3 thoughts on “Cost of patching a flat tire

  1. Beauregard

    Obligation, Opportunity and Leadership

    Leaders lead, some reluctantly, some sense opportunity others feel obligation.

    Sometimes the opportunity appears in unusual ways.

    Early in this site’s tenure, now years ago, there were complaints about concept of good and competent service not often found in Ukraine.

    Now we get luke warm recognition of good service. And this luke warm posting does not use the posters training in leadership nor his skills.

    Let us counts his skills that may have been used.

    Host knows how to use camera, yes? Where is picture of person who apparently did good job fixing flat.

    Host knows how to post to internet, yes? But where specific praise citing individual by name so that others might use that flat fixer if needed? Where is his picture, address and phone connection?

    Yes, such minimal recognition was not expected. Only good leaders would stop make the effort to praise and recognize expected such level of service, but …

    But we have host who has demonstrated skills to take picture, recognize the flat fixer [good service is never to minimal not to recognize], and post free advertising of such to whole world.

    Yes, good service can be found in Ukraine and the true story must be told.

    Leaders are never too busy to do the right thing.

    ————— // ————–


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