Need to take a break *sticky post*

I’m still blogging (scroll down to see the latest), but I need to take a break from daily updates to work on other projects. I plan to post fewer, but more in-depth / interesting stories, as well as personal news for my friends and family who tune in to this blog.

For your daily Ukraine updates, please check out these twitter feeds:

Roman Skaskiw –
Ukrainian Updates –
Ukraine Reporter –
EuroMaidan PR –


Kyiv Post – (exposing fake Russian news & propaganda) –
Maidan Translations (good military summaries) – (

4 thoughts on “Need to take a break *sticky post*

  1. E.d K

    1. What is this I need to take a break? Consider the art of delegation?
    What happened to Elmer? Surely he is able to tell the diaspora what is
    happening around Kiev? Have the Russians intimidated him?

    2. Your comments on Russian propaganda have created an audience.
    Several important groups have read your recent postings on Russian
    propaganda. Now after you have gotten their interest you are ducking
    responsibility? This is getting to be typical Roman.

    3. As an illustration of my comment above, where is book?

    4. You have training as administrator from military. In real
    life you need to recruit and train subordinates. Who would
    continue this site in event Russkies take you out?

    5. You have randomly demonstrated ability. Your recent postings
    about propaganda have caught interest of a select few. However
    they are worthy of your providing more such details. Their eyes
    are on Roman Skaskiw,s words posted herein.

    —————— // ———————

    “Truth will ultimately prevail when there is pains to bring it to light.” George Washington

    1. Roman is taking the lead on exposing Russian propaganda. I can write a book or I can blog every day. I can’t do both. I’m doing many other things too. Thanks for the concern. :)

  2. Ed K

    The problem you present is not so simple.

    Yes twitter and facebook seem to be fast ways of communicating.
    However, many choose not to use them for many reasons.

    One reason is security and vulnerability of these two medias.

    Another is twitters limitation to express thought supported with facts.

    Really they are just cop outs from responsible communications. That
    is fast way to post something but very limited to support with facts
    and illustrations.

    Another is it way for computer literates to not present cogent comments
    to those not on iPod’s, iPhones, droids and other high tech devices.

    Consider these devices as leashes as used to restrain dogs. Except that
    they enslave people by putting them on electronic leashes. Do you enjoy
    being slave to electronic leash?

    These electronic devices are not the same as written words as found in
    newspapers and magazines. They are not same as standing in front of
    group explaining your positions with give and take. They are electronic
    cop outs from accepting responsibility and leading.

    Or imagine a soldier calling time out in battle to respond to twitter.

    “Each of us has a natural right, from God, to defend
    his person, his liberty, and his property.”
    ~ Frederic Bastiat

  3. Ed k

    It was said, “Consider the art of delegation?”

    Yet you continue to loose support by using twitter.

    What you and the computer geeks fail to realize that many
    do not tie themselves to electronic leashes.

    Yes business people use twitter, etc. to offer quick replies. But
    they continue to post full bill of particulars via old fashion emails
    so that recipient can digest, analyze and act on posting.

    Where is Elmer? Somewhere you posted that he was able poet?

    What is needed to pass along to world and confront Russian
    propaganda is an allegorical scribing that can be circulated via
    internet explaining to world what Ukrainian means.

    Russia tells world that it is heir to Kievian Rus heritage. Such
    allegorical poem should tell story of Ukraine from before Greeks
    to today.

    Its them should be explain and promote freedom as expounded by Pylyp Orlyk.

    But then I am telling you two what to do, and you dismiss my
    comments and analysis so submit to another Stalin aka Putin.

    Seek out and publish others and delegate posting to just reviews?

    Lead and delegate? Where you only a corporal? Rather seek
    to be general, the world seeks good leaders.


    Freedom and Free Markets are a burden. Too many endeavor to
    enslave others for their aggrandizement. Some political systems
    seek to control markets because they believe in illusive social goals.
    Understanding freedom is a worthy endeavor. Teaching others to
    understand freedom is the mountain to climb, the burden to carry
    up that mountain.


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