3 thoughts on “Saddam Hussein and the Dark Princes of Love

    1. Roman

      No changes. Earlier this month, I actually received an email about that article:

      —“I just reread your last article on Daily Anarchist. It’s hard to believe
      it’s only a year old. It feels like it’s waaay older than that.

      I really liked your article when I read it a year ago, but I have to be
      honest, I don’t think I fully grasped it at the time. I think that, at
      best, I recognized it as being truth, but the consequences hadn’t fully
      grown into my philosophy yet. It was merely a seed.

      Well, without realizing it, I’m pretty sure your article was the seed
      that’s led me to really challenging everything I used to believe.

      Or maybe I was already down the path, but you were well ahead of me on
      that path. . . .

      Rereading your article just now was pretty amazing. It wasn’t like the
      article was saying anything that was challenging my preconceived notions
      like it did a year ago. Each point I was like “yep! yep! yep! That’s the
      TRUTH right there!”

      I’ve fully internalized all of it recently and your writing just
      articulated it. Before it was definitely a challenge. Not anymore.

      Anywho. Any words of wisdom you can shoot my way I’d love to hear. If
      you want to make an article out of it, you can publish it on Daily
      Anarchist. The site is basically dead. I just now turned off new
      comments. All I do is fight off spam. It was a great website while it
      lasted. The articles were always for my own benefit, and if others found
      something of value in them as well, even better.”—


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