Ukraine is like a dream for Dutch farmers, says director of DIFCO International

“We (the Dutch farmers – ed.) have the knowledge in agriculture which we can apply here on a big territory. I am a son of a farmer, so for the Dutch farmers Ukraine is like a dream: you have so much very fertile lands, you can improve your production so much and you can really make big steps forward.” Ir. J. H. (René) Kremers says, Difco International director.

The company participated in an annual international exhibition of the innovative solutions in grain business “GrainTechExpo – 2016” which took place in Kyiv this February.

4 thoughts on “Ukraine is like a dream for Dutch farmers, says director of DIFCO International

  1. beauregard

    I do not offer citations here, but in USA there are farmers who have
    and still farm sustainable style.

    I will point out that even in USA Mennonite farmers still farm
    with horses! Usually those still using the horses are called labeled Amish,
    they are part of Mennonite family.

    Imagine using horses to plow, till and spread cow shit.

    These guys often speak a language other than English? Often referred
    to as low German. A language related to Yiddish.

    So ask where did Mennonite farmers come from?

    Only the Soviets have separated these guys from there heritages.

    Ukraine would do well to invite some back…

    1. walt

      Speaking of Christians, Beauregard , Ropman, did you read my 3 comments on, “Dugin’s 4 th theory…”

      Here is just one of many statements by this kremlin troll that I linked to;

      “There’s more than one prophetic preacher in the United States that believes America is about to be judged by God for our wickedness, and that we will end up under martial law. Christians have been encouraged to pray that the martial will be a holy person that will make the kind of changes here that Mr. Putin has been able to bring about in Russia. The Lord gave Russia a good, capable man …”

      1. Beauregard


        I read all posts to this site, albeit, some not immediately.

        I have read your post about Dugin. I give him as much credence as Bernie Sanders.

        I am not a Marxist, nor one who accepts bureaucracy nor totalitarianism.
        Recently I had posted about Mennonites. grasp that Mennonites had an
        independent view of Christianity and a simple yet productive style of life.

        It is hard to find that many Mennonites were from Ukraine especially in
        Northwest corner and in Dnipro basin. They kept to their groups and
        one way they did so was to speak their version of low German, even
        while farming in Ukraine.

        These are the German’s that the Bolsheviks tried to kill off.


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