20+ western Ukrainian vehicles torched in Kyiv

Cars with western Ukrainian plates were targeted. I know the owner of one of then, and he said the car never had anything to do with protests, so it seems like random violence based only the plates.

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  1. elmer

    not random




    Red Sector claims responsibility for burnt cars in Kyiv

    Feb 1, 5:55 p.m. — A newly created group called Red Sector claimed responsibility for cars that were set on fire recently. The Emergencies Ministry said that at least 23 cars, many with western Ukrainian number plates, were set on fire on the night of Jan. 29. Last night, a car that belongs to a Ukrainian employee of the Canadian Embassy, was also burned.

    The message from Red Sector, which plays of the name of the Right Sector, an alliance of nationalist organizations associated with EuroMaidan, is the following: “Yes, today we burned many cars of the idiots who came to Kyiv, shat on it and think they are masters. There will be no revolution! We apologize if we damaged the property of normal people. But you have to understand that had it not been for our active deeds, fascists tomorrow will set a tent in your flat because they don’t like you. And they don’t give a shit about the law.”

    The Facebook profile, which is the source of the claim, was created on Jan. 4 and operates under the name of Nikolay Amelchenko. The statement claiming responsibility for arson was released on Jan. 30. The same page also contains a threat to journalist and activist Mustafa Nayyem, and links to a video with threats to the journalist, which has now been deleted from Youtube. –Katya Gorchinskaya

    1. Roman

      Random in the sense that they didn’t try to find cars connected to the protests. Any care with a western Ukrainian plate was targeted. My friend whose care was burned is a native Kyivan. He just happened to have Ternopil plates on his car.

  2. Ed K


    It is good to see your name attached to the above report.

    Thank you.

    So, did you have to give Roman some winter clothes? He will
    not tell us. However, he did make new post to this forum so
    we think he is still able to walk?


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