40,000 Ukrainian Volunteers get Military Training

This is a reaction to the pathetic realization that only 6,000 Ukrainian Troops were combat ready.


One thought on “40,000 Ukrainian Volunteers get Military Training

  1. Alex

    Shit! I’m 54 and I can show better sport results than I showed being 18-20 at the military school. The same is with shooting. And as I accumulated rather impressive ammount of experience, I can state that I’m much sarter and much more dangerous as a soldier. So, taking intj account also that Ukrainians are completely crazy about money, it’s easy to send 40’000-50’000 of very effective fighters during 3-4 weeks to the easten borders of Ukraine from the Western Ukraine if you guarantee good payment for every killed enemy (a part of an enemy body and his military signs should be produced as a proof/ Money in cash should be paid immediately!)


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