A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian & the myth of socialist Sweden


In one of the passages I read vilified 19th century robber barons, as if, of all the things in the world, they are what we should fear most. It is outrageous that as we emerge from 20th century which saw well over 100 million murdered by their own governments, we are still be asked to fear 19th century robber barons who committed crimes like lowering the cost of kerosene by 90% so that poor people didn’t have to live in darkness after the sun went down.

Some footnotes:
Interventionism by George Reisman
The Sweden Myth Stefan Karlsson
Swedish Conservatives Bucked the Recession by Lowering Taxes – and Won Re-Election
Stagnating Socialist Sweden by Per Bylund
Free Banking in Sweden (pdf) by Erik Lakomaa
Poorer Than you Think by William L. Anderson
The not so Wild Wild West