A very Ukrainian poem by Bohdan Nyzhankivsky

Here is a hilarious poem by diaspora poet Bohdan Nyzhankivsky, published under the nickname Babay (Boogie man), in Detroit 1983:


Прощав ліричний козаченько
(Під ним ліричний кониченько)
Свою ліричну дівчиноньку,
Бо на ліричну йшов війноньку.

Рубнув ліричний воріженько,
І вмер лірично козаченько.
Над ним ліричний кониченько
Іржав лірично, потихенько.

Лірично сохла дівчинонька…
Ось українська пригодонька!

(із книги “Марципани і витребеньки”)

Note: I don’t have any rights to this poem. I just want to popularize a poet who, for his sense of humor, seems worth remembering. But if any copyright trolls want me to remove this, contact me.


  1. Mom

    If I’m not mistaken, Babay was a contributor to “Lys Mykyta”, a cool, humorous publication in diaspora under E. Kozak.

  2. Roman

    I’m familiar with the publication. I remember a stack of them on a chair in my grandparents’ East Village apartment.

    “Lys Mykyta” was important to the community. It shared the common struggle of Ukrainians to adjust to their new life while mourning the loss of their homeland. I’m also familiar with the artist E. Kozak. (I’m proud to own a couple of his paintings.)


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