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    Was Vladimir Putin Born in Georgia?

    19 May 2015

    The answer, according to a recent article in Germany’s
    highly respected Die Zeit, is maybe. “It seems,” writes
    correspondent Steffen Dobbert, that “there is an unspoken,
    and unproven, secret that is part of [Vladimir Putin’s] biography”:

    There are those who are convinced that the Russian president
    spent the first nine years of his life with a family whose
    existence he continues to dispute to this day. They also
    believe he spent the first half of his childhood in Georgia,
    and not in Russia. They believe that later, as the head of
    the domestic intelligence agency, Putin changed his life
    story and denied the existence of his biological mother in
    order to speed his path to power—and to avoid being seen,
    during his first Russian election campaign, as an illegitimate
    child who had grown up in Georgia.

    Putin’s possible biological mother is the 89-year-old Vera Putina, “a small, delicate woman, who always wears a headscarf when she leaves the house” in the Georgian village of Metekhi.


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